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What? Surely you mean from the Groom? Traditionally the role of the bride was to arrive, look stunning and allow her man to make the wedding speech. However, the modern bride is not going to sit back without taking an active part in every aspect of her wedding – and that includes saying something at her own wedding.

While the groom traditionally thanks everyone for coming – especially those who have travelled a great distance – the bride can add her personal thanks.

Some people to thank!

Firstly, you want to spend some time thanking your parents. Even if you are the kind of girl who left home when you were eighteen and have never really lived at home again, your parents are the ones who had the greatest effect on making you the woman you are today. Once again stories are a good thing and will probably stop you from being too overcome with emotion. Touch on one or two examples from your childhood or adolescence, especially if they are amusing or light-hearted. Thank them for giving you this special wedding day which you will always remember.

Your bridesmaids deserve a special word of thanks. They have had to be there for you through months of emotional highs and lows as well as through intense decision-making nightmares – and you are still friends! A word in the same vein could also be said here to the groomsmen and the best man for their support of the groom.
Then, you will thank your future in-laws, for producing and supporting this special man; for instilling in him the kind of values and beliefs that make him the one you want to be with for ever.

Lastly, your thanks are to your groom. After all, it is his love for you and his wanting to make a life with you that has made this day possible. A word of caution here: if you cannot handle really intense emotional moments, it is probably best to keep this part of the speech reasonably light-hearted. Talk about how you met. If there is a humorous story about some aspect of your courtship, that makes great speech material.

You could also say something about how he proposed. If you are not writing your own vows, you could spend a moment here expressing something like your promise to him as his bride.

What about the practicality of saying a speech? Not everyone is an accomplished public speaker and you may feel that you have taken on a task that is too large.

The most important thing is that you write down what comes from your heart. Then, when you speak, it will flow easily. Whatever you do, don’t learn the speech off by heart. But, do practise. You may make cue cards for yourself that you can hold discretely in your hand or on the table in front of you. Breathe deeply, smile at everyone (remember this is your day and they want you to succeed) and then begin.


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