Congratulations to both on your forthcoming wedding. May your journey together be just as blessed and rewarding as your wedding day with us.

Royal Jontica is a family owned business and therefore we understand the dreams and wishes of our clients, and will go that extra mile to make sure that all there requirements are met.

Never give up on your dreams, they are there as your guiding light. Most women who gets married want to feel like a princess, and princesses dream of living in a castle, hence the proposed building of our unique and somewhat different castle.

It will be a honor and great privilege to have you and your fiancé at Royal Jontica. Please feel free to phone or email us for a visit, then we can set a table for you in the colors of your choice if we have that Organza in stock.

Wedding Package for 2016:

Wedding Rates PDF  

Risk / Lost / Damages

Royal Jontica, it's employees or any person employed at any function will not be held liable for any loss, or injury to persons, due to negligence or any other cause whatsoever.

* Royal Jontica will not be liable for loss or damage to any property whatsoever.
* Decor must be removed by 9am the following morning. Royal Jontica does not accept liability loss or damage of any item.


In the event that a function is cancelled the deposit is not refundable no matter the time period before the date of the function.
Please confirm all changes and cancellation in writing.
Please note that the client will also be responsible for the actions of his/her guests at the venue.
Royal Jontica will not be held liable for any loss of injury inflicted to clients or their guests.

Food may not be brought onto the premises. All catering will be done by us. We pride ourselves that we always over cater for our guests, but left over food is not to be taken home by clients. No take away food is allowed Wedding cake can be served with dessert or coffee. Please take note that this will not replace the dessert.

Please take note that you must make provision for your DJ's and photographers as part of your guest list. Payment for food is done per person.

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